O & M of BSS (LEVEL 1)

commWe are engaged in the business of providing maintenance of BTS sites including microwave link of different brands in order to ensure complete, effective and continuous operation of the microwave links between different sites in accordance with the requirements of the client. We assure to our client that we have the requisite experience and expertise with respect to provision of the BTS/Microwave maintenance services.

Vital Tech Engineering understands however that the objective of the services is to ensure round the clock smooth, trouble free complete, effective and continuous operation of the equipment installed at sites in accordance with requirements of our client.

To achieve this objective we have the requisite experience, resources, manpower, expertise and above all a good network with respect to provision of the services.

Scope of Work

Following is the scope of work and responsibilities that we provide to a cellular company under our service contract:

  • Inspection & preventive maintenance for BTS Cabinets, BTS Room/shelter, Modules, removal of alarms etc.
  • Inspection & preventive maintenance for BTS Cabinets, BTS Room/shelter, Modules, removal of alarms etc.
  • Preventive maintenance of microwave links at the sites.
  • Inspection & preventive maintenance of Power Supply Systems & Tower
  • Provision of emergency teams of skilled engineers and technicians equipped with mobile phones, mobile workshops and necessary parts round the clock (24 hours).
  • On receiving of complaints, the faults would be attended within 2 to 3 hours from the time, complaint is received.
  • We are providing our services for communication towers across the country except South. It can also be served if it is required by the client.

During Preventive Maintenance of the Telcom parts


BTS type & model, Number of sectors, Number of BTS cabinets, Number of antennas/sector, Number of existing TX RX boards, Model of TX RX boards, NIU board, Equipment rack, fan, filter: fan shouldn’t be dusty ,Perform CQT (Call Quality Testing), VSWR measurement ,Check the feeder cable for weather proofing at antenna end, jumper end and grounding points ,Check if the grounding Cable of BTS cabinet is tight and Value is <=3 Ohms.


  • To check and verify TX power, RX power, TX frequency, RX frequency, IDU capacity, RSL local, RSL Remote
  • Note RSL value (of all MW) and Transmit Power value
  • Check the IF cable for weather proofing at antenna end and grounding points
  • Check if the grounding Cable of IDU/ODU is Present and tight and Value is <=3 Ohms
  • MW antenna mount, sway arm and bracing are tight

Radio Equipment

  • Internal active alarm, TX RX boards calibration, cables connections & feeders, Coaxial cables tightening, MW fixation, MW IDU labeling, MW Internal alarms, RSL level for MW, BER, External Alarm systems.
  • Check all alarms


  • Tighten the power terminations at Wapda Meter, and AC DB
  • Measure the Phase to Phase voltage of RYG
  • Measure the Phase to Neutral voltage of RYG
  • Note input and output voltage of line conditioner


Tighten the power terminations
Check the alarm indication and display functions
Check the grounding protection cable.
Calibrate the set parameters. Float = 53, equalize=56 LVD = 42
Check the surge arrestor (3+1)
Rectifier; Test the neutral line current
Measure Float Volts (52~54 v)
Switch over test (load to be transferred to batteries)
Rectifier modules alarms and check the load sharing


  • Complete battery test
  • Check whether the connectors are loose or corroded with extreme care with the help of torque ranch only


  • Tighten the power terminations
  • Check Water Protection (broken/rubber seal damaged)
  • Clean the AC power distribution box using blower

External Alarm

  • Main's Failure
  • AC Phase Lost
  • DG in Operation
  • SMR Failure
  • DC Low Voltage
  • High Temprature
  • Intruder/Door
  • Tower Light
  • Water/Humidity
  • Smoke/Fire
  • Aircon Failure