Installation/Commissionimg of new Genset on site

During the maintenance contract if client assigns any number of additional sites to VES then VES has capacity and enough resources to provide services for those additional sites on same terms and conditions. We can also arrange man power immediately if it is required according to the situation.

VES will be bound to visit sites once every month regular compulsorily for provision of services. The contractor during such monthly visit shall inspect and provide routine maintenance and services to the equipment installed at the sites. It is hereby clarified for the convenience of parties that the monthly visit of the contractor as envisaged herein shall not be affected and shall be in addition to all or any emergency visits made by the contractor to the sites.

Generator commissioning

We also provide services related to commissioning of new generators at the site. Any kind of equipment and technical support needed for a newly installed site can be provided on the spot with in a short notice.

Additional Fuel Tank installation

To provide/install a new additional fuel tank with a generator set, we also have a workshop where we manufacture these tanks. Our rates are competitive than any fuel tank provider in the market. These tanks are manufactured with state of the art designs using best quality raw material which can be compared with any good Fuel tank provider in the market.

Installation of other power related equipment

We have engineers and technical experts who have a great experience in the field of power related equipment installation, especially in the field of communication towers. These engineers/technicians can provide services, related to installation of any power related equipment.

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