We are providing different kind of engineering services across the country, round the clock. For Warid and Zhong sites, we are also providing A.C. maintenance services.
Our operation department is committed to eliminate down time. Officers at operation department log each call and all activities, carried out related to that call. This log file is sent daily to the client to keep them aware of emergency situation.
Similarly preventive maintenance (PM) visit reports are also sent monthly to the client to keep them updated about sites condition/activities. Monthly meeting with our client have proved very helpful in discussing different issues related to sites.


Mobi serve

Industrial Clients

Textile Sector:
  Lawrencepur Woolen Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Lawrencepur.
  Kohinoor Group Raiwind.
  Altaf Textile (Dewan Salman Fibers) Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Hattar.
  Sitara Group of Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Faisalabad.
  Crescent Bahumaan (Pvt.) Ltd. Sargodah Road, Bahuman.
  Azgard-9 (Pvt.) Ltd. Manga Road, Raiwind.
  Azgard-9 (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Sapphire Group of Companies (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore.
  Style Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. Kot Lakhpat, Lahore.
  Leisure Textile (Pvt.) Ltd Lahore.
  Shahkam Group of Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore.
  Ghazi Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd. Multan Road, Lahore.
  Zacotex (Pvt.) Ltd Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Danish Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Zuchini Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind Road, Lahore.
  Recto Group of Industries (Pvt.) Ltd Lahore.
  Ihsan Sons (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind.
  Textile Asia (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind.
  Reshmatex (Pvt) Ltd Raiwind.
  Danial Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind.
  Premier Garments (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Anam Weaving (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Rustam Towel (Pvt) Ltd Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Klass Textile (Pvt) Ltd Defence Road, Lahore.
  Anns Textile (Pvt) Ltd Allama-Iqbal Town, Lahore.
  Ramay Textile (Pvt) Ltd Defence Road, Lahore.
  Mian Textile (Pvt.) Ltd Multan Road, Lahore.
  Yousaf Weaving mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Multan Road, Lahore.
  Saad Textile mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind.
  Combined Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Azam Knits & Yarn Dying (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Wel Knit Knitwear (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
Subhan Knitwear (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Tiger Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road Lahore.
  Falak Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Muster Haft (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Crecent Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
  Ropa Fill (Pvt.) Ltd. Sharkpur Road, Sheikhupura.
  Naveena Exports (Pvt.) Ltd. Defense Road, Lahore.
  Al Malik Dying (Pvt.) Ltd. Multan Road, Lahore.
  Max Fashion (Pvt.) Ltd. Defence Road, Lahore.
  Fazal Ibrahm (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore.
  Dawood Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. Faisalabad.
  Hira Textile (Pvt.) Ltd.
  Nishat Group of Industries.
Chemical Sector:
  Sardar Chemicals Gadoon Amazai Swabi
  Wazirabad Polymer Multan Road Lahore.
  Uni-Tob International Swabi
Leather Industry
  Bata Pakistan Ltd.
  Dada Enterprises Ferozepur Road Kasur.
  Khas (Pvt) Ltd Feroze Pur Road Lahore.
  Saddique Leather Works Shaekhupura Road, Lahore
Paper Industry
  Packages Pvt Ltd. Lahore
  Kwality Board Mills Raiwind.
  Karachi Plywood Industries Multan Road, Lahore
  Asia Board Industries Karachi.
  Pacific Pharma Multan Road Lahore.
  Schazoo Laboratories Gt Road Lahore.
Food Industries
  Nestle Milk Pack Ltd.
  Hala Group of Companies Lahore.
  Corel Enterprises Defence Road Lahore.
 Kushal Feeds Islamabad.
  Season foods Lahore.
  KM Foods Lahore.
Feed & Edible Oil Industry
  Hi Tech Group of Companies Lahore.
  National Feeds Limited Feroze Watoon.
  Kashmir Feeds Multan Road Lahore.
  Islamabad Feeds Islamabad.
  Khushal Feeds Islamabad.
Power Generation:
  Sepcol Power Plant Raiwind.
Ceramics & Paints:
  Millat Group of Industries Lahore.
  Emco Tile Industries Sheikhupura Road Lahore.
Hotel Industry
  P.C Bhurban.
  Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore.
  Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore.
  Sharif Medical Trust Lahore.
  Punjab Cardiology Lahore.
  Children Hospital Lahore.
  Al Shafa Hospital Islamabad.
Electronics Media
  PTV. Pakistan Television Network Lahore.
Banking Sector:
  State Bank of Lahore.
  State Bank of Peshawar.
  National Bank of Pakistan.
Miscellaneous Industry:
  Wapda Pc Pole Plant Jahangera Newshera.
  Wapda Pc Pole Plant Jhang.
  Hasan Zaman Asphalt Plant.
  Rustam Sohrab Motor Cycle Lahore.
  Shafiq brothers Gujrat


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Bank Alfalah Ltd
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